A. Pirojenko


With Prof. Alexander Sandler and pianist Peter Laul

With Marina Wolf

With composer Prof. Alexander Mnatsakanyan

A. Mnatsakanyan, M. Wolf, A. Sandler

With Prof. Arie Vardi

With Yury Zilberman

With Iryna Polstyankina

With Gustav Alink

With Alexis Gregory

With Paula Cussi

With Madame Samson Francois and pianist Andrei Soudelski

With Madame Darius Milhaud and pianist Andrei Soudelski

With pianist Pavel Raikerous

With Sergey Stadler and Pavel Raikerous

With pianist Peter Ovtcharov

With violinist Alexander Danilevsky

With violinist Alexander Danilevsky and pianist Evgeny Izotov

With pianists Julien Gernay, Matei Varga, Giuseppe Albanese

Lecco, Italy